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Namesdao - Platform Status

This pages provides links and information on platform availability. We will improve the design of this later.

Name Resolution

Primary Name Resolution

Primary Name Resolution is directly from the Chia blockchain.

For more details, see the NDIP-0002 spec.

Full nodes can use this for name resolution. Infrastructure providers can do similarly.

Note: Full nodes can also use the secondary name resolver to jump to the appropriate coin if they don’t want to index all Namesdao Names. Just use the nft_coin_id from the secondary name resolver to find the coin in the local blockchain copy.

Secondary Name Resolution

Any service provider or blockchain explorer can provide a secondary name resolver using the data provided on the blockchain.

Namesdao provides a secondary name resolution server for fast lookup of Namesdao .xch names. The server currently has a dependency on Spacescan, and NFT transfers are not updated instantaneously but approximately twice per hour, with some lag. The .com URL updates more quickly, due to CDN settings. NFT mints of new Names are generally added to the secondary name resolver right away.

Note that the Namesdao secondary name server offers pgp-signed sig files to confirm authenticity and eliminate the risk of domain seizures and man in the middle attacks. Additionally, nft_coin_id is provided for quick confirmation with any full node service or a local full node.

Registration Server

Namesdao’s Registration Server for processing new name registrations and, in the future, renewals, issues a “heartbeat” JSON file approximately each 15 minutes, while running. The .com URL updates more quickly, due to CDN settings.

Namesdao is not affiliated with the Chia Network corporation.

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